Inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

Today’s random thoughts…

-Art is never perfect and that is exactly why it is.

-The multitudes of rewards one gets from a hearty and very long belly laugh.

-Nature’s perfection. Humans try to be perfect, Nature does not even try.

-Interpretation is limitless therefore Art is too.

-Why do we allow ourselves to get so desensitized to all of the inspiration around us?

-Art and Nature exist forever. Humans cannot. We miss so much trying to be perfect. Maybe if we stop and actually live, and look in each moment we can not only extend our life but also stop the freight train of time.

-The skilled whistling of someone strolling by.

2 Comments on “Inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

  1. I wish that I could whistle, I mean, i do, but i wish it didn’t sound to others like a car crash! And perfect is exactly where you are right now, you just have to be aware of the beauty that fills you up. That’s your perfect and I love that you randomly share your randomness! Perfect!


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