A Death in the Family and Mr. Bee

OK, so yes, we had a death in the family. Well, so to speak… Let me explain. Mr. Bee has been with us a year plus or minus. He is a carpenter bee and boroughs under the wooden steps on our patio. At first, I was freaked out by these massive creatures buzzing about, sometimes purposely running into our heads. Then I Googled them. Turns out they are harmless- ‘cept the female can sting if extremely provoked. Well, now this I get. These are my “people/insects.”

First of all, I have made peace with the fact that the generations have felt safe in my softwood stairs. My cats love chasing them around. This year there were at least 2. I know this sounds crazy but they literally fly up to my kitchen sink window and hover, much the drones that haunt me while watching the moon and trying to sleep over the ocean at our ocean place.

Our first summery day happened yesterday. 85 and sunny. Yet, the pollen is fallin’ like rain. So, before our family day by the pool today I cleaned out the skimmers. There was this enormous insect in there. I was totally freaked. No hair on the body at all, but long legs. Gross. I tried to analyze the oversized body, but my mortician skills are weak at best. Then it dawned on me. MR BEE! No, it couldn’t be. I know their lifespan is limited, but he had a happy home, I was hoping for some longevity. Strangest connection, the one I have with nature. Seriously, I go to my friend’s house to walk together and as I wait in her driveway- low and behold, two massive carpenter bees come by to hover right next to me. Looking at me. Hanging in the air like drones. Now, again, I know this sounds CRAY CRAY. But people, I recently read a boredom article about a chick who befriended at bee with a broken wing. The bee took to her, would climb on her, recognized her.

Listen, just pay attention to nature-and no, I am not on acid. 😉

Share with me a story about your experiences with nature like this!



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Painter of life through art, photography, writing, travel, food and hard-earned, often ridiculously fickle wisdom. MA in American Culture Studies, Washington University Saint Louis, "Doctorate" in Motherhood, Life Partnership, Self Studies, and still learning.

5 thoughts on “A Death in the Family and Mr. Bee”

  1. I love that you are aware of — and respectful towards — the bees under your steps. Sad to read about one drowning in your pool. I do not think you are the least bit cray cray. I would suggest that you might be sane, and that a lot of the human culture we have created is cray cray. How can anyone who has studied biology and the amazing way that we are all woven together in a myriad of ways (some known and many still unknown) think that using poison to grow food is a successful long term strategy, for example? THAT is cray cray to me…) My favorite two weeks of the year is when I camp with family on Cape Cod. I get to bear witness — hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling — to birds, bugs, coyotes, trees, bushes, breezes, rain, sunshine, etc. far more intimately than when I live in a house. And all the microscopic beings who live on and inside of us are also fascinating and vital participants in the ever-changing balance of life here on planet earth! Most of us are ignorant of the ways that they contribute to our well-being on a daily basis. So much to learn. So much at admire/wonder at. So much to be curious about. Thank you for writing this post. I look forward to reading more of your not-at-all-cray-cray ideas and observations.


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