The Way of The Rachel

I was introduced the other night like this: “This is Rachel, she shares her time between two places.” She was referring to two different geographical areas. I have never been introduced like that before, and it resonated with me. Made me think about how blessed I am, and how vital it is that we have more than one “place.” Literally or figuratively, travel is essential for our souls. Shamans are vehicles, vessels. They journey to places many of us don’t believe in, or even fear, to gather answers from the great spirits. They travel to the worlds beyond the physical. It is ancient and ceremonial and has healed ages of people seeking physical or emotional answers. We all have gifts in our souls. Often we are puzzled as to what to do with these gifts. Maybe you are a teacher. Maybe you heal as a conventional doctor. Perhaps you heal as a naturopath. Maybe you research or adventure. I was once told by a gifted woman that I was a Shaman Healer in another life. This makes perfect sense to me, as a child I remember standing on the stairwell crying and beating my chest, “I CAN”T HELP IT, I AM SENSITIVE!” This sensitivity has permeated every light and dark corner of my life. As a result, I drain easily. I feel so much empathy that extra sleep is essential to my well being. Like many of us, the ocean beckons me. The white noise of the waves quiets my thoughts. I sleep to white noise no matter where I am. The ocean reminds me how we are all tiny cells of a larger miracle, our Earth. I feel like the Earth needs healing now more than ever. Spring is trying to spring. Once it does, take notice of her, of the magic she gives, and also note her struggles. I guess my message today is try to “live” in many places, spread positive energy and notice the magic, no matter where you are.
For more on discovering your unique soul gift, read this!


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The Way of Rachel

Painter of life through art, photography, writing, travel, food and hard-earned, often ridiculously fickle wisdom. MA in American Culture Studies, Washington University Saint Louis, "Doctorate" in Motherhood, Life Partnership, Self Studies, and still learning.

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