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Lately the song “Amber is the Color of Your Energy” has been running through my mind. When this word prompt challenge popped up today, I heard it again. Have you ever had someone tell you they can see your energy? Or better yet, can you see other peoples’ energy color/hue? The spiritual community often refers to it as your “aura.” And to the gifted, or practiced ones, your colored energy surrounds you. I have an innate ability to measure the LUMINOSITY of human beings. It is a glow, a dark one or a light one or even, sadly, no light at all. A brilliant, luminescent glow around someone attracts me like a moth to a flame.

Have you ever been told that your light is bright, that you glow? I am eternally grateful to say that my whole life I have been called a source of LUMEN, or light.

Often there is no luminescent light of any color to be found in someone. Perhaps they have been “spirit robbed” and a darker force has taken up residence. The person’s past can explain this-trauma left a hole for the darkness to set in and foster. Those people, in my mind, all but scream at me, sometimes they have a distinct odor. I have to physically move away as quickly as possible, to avoid what I call the “energy vortex.”

And then there are the ones who are just beaten down, their energy diffused by hardship, illness and lack of luck. These people attract me as equally as the LUMINESCENT ones. “Luminescents” bathe in each other, recharge each other. I have often been told that I shine brightly. I feel that this is a divine responsibility, that the gift of luminosity must be shared, and especially with those whose light has dimmed, with those looking for a boost, a warm place to be. Again, like a moth to a flame, I charge in, wrapping myself around the wounded, sad, and depleted, stoking the flame to light the fire of hope.

COMMENT BELOW and share if you can read people’s aura.
Do you see it in technicolor or simply intuitively see a brightness level, like me?
How do you handle dark energy?

And finally, If you have it to give, share your LUMINESCENCE!

If you could use some, FIND US, the LIGHT GIVERS, we love to share!

The Way of Rachel

via Daily Prompt: Luminescent

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